Technical information

 Type of route: circular

 Itinerary: Barbastro-Permisán-Fornillos-Monasterio de El Pueyo-Barbastro

 KM: 35,6

 Duration: 3 h

Gradient: 500 m 

Level: medium


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Points of interest

Barbastro, the monastery of Pueyo, the countryside, the villages in the south of the Somontano, ancient Moorish cisterns and archaeological sites.

Route description

The route starts in Barbastro and runs through an area of gently undulating hills, known locally as chesas. This Aragonese word derives from the Latin gypsum, which means “chalk”. The high proportion of chalk in the soil here gives the hills a whitish look, which is offset by the dark green of the saltwort, a plant whose ash (rich in alkaline salts) was used to make soap and a bleach that did not discolour dark clothing. Chalk was extracted from these hills in many villages in the Somontano and used to build houses.

Just before reaching the village of Permisán, the route starts to run parallel to La Clamor ravine, which was used for many years as a means of reaching the villages of the north (Peraltilla, Azara and Azlor).

Just before the beautiful descent along an old path into Barbastro,the route passes by the sanctuary of El Pueyo, which provides magnifi cent views of the Somontano, the flatlands extending towards the desert-like area of Los Monegros, the Sierra de Guara and the Pyrenees.

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Location map

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