Peonera, Gorgas Negras, Barrasil, Mascún, Otín, Oscuros de Balced, Barranco Fondo, Cueva Cabrito: these are the legendary names of ravines in the Sierra de Guara that have made the Rodellar Valley the home of canyoning.

It was the Frenchman Lucien Briet who first discovered the Gorgas Negras between 1904 and 1908. It was almost fifty years before other teams, also French, managed to venture to the bottom of the Guara ravines, using caving techniques, until, in the seventies, some Spanish groups came up with canyoning in the direction of the current: Gorgas Negras (1973), Mascún (1974), Oscuros del Balced (1976). After the discovery of the important watercourses, the eighties gave way to the exploration of secondary ravines and tributaries: Otín (1982) and Cueva Cabrito (1987). Where it seemed that everything had already been discovered, there was still something left; in 1996, the Barranco d’os Fornazos was descended for the first time to the left side of the Mascún.

Canyoning is an activity you will never forget. Our main advice is to do the activity with one of the many canyoning guides in the area. They are a guarantee for your safety.

Remember that canyoning is a regulated activity in the Sierra de Guara Natural Park.