The Rodellar Valley is held within the municipality of Bierge, one of the largest municipalities in Guara Somontano. In fact, covers 145.03 km2, with a 69-kilometre perimeter, and a total population of 239 people.

Bierge covers the villages of Bierge, Las Almunies de Rodellar, Rodellar, Yaso, Morrano, Pedruel, San Roman de Morrano and San Saturnino, as well as the uninhabited Otín, Nasarre, Letosa, San Poliz, Cheto, Pardina de Villanua, San Hipolito, and Pardina de Ballabriga. A trip across the territory from south to north allows you to enjoy the amazing landscape contrasts that Guara Somontano has to offer.

The whole municipality, located in the north of the Comarca de Somontano de Barbastro in the heart of Sierra y los Cañones de Guara Natural Park, is a nature conservation site known as SPA Sierra y Cañones de Guara. 77% of it belongs to the SCI Sierra y los Cañones de Guara Natural Park, so its natural beauty is unparalleled.

Don’t forget to walk along its paths between stone walls, stop in the old farm fields, or think back to the stories hidden in those abandoned homes of the today uninhabited villages that take us back to not-so-distant times when life was tough in these mountains.

Don’t be fooled, however. The municipality of Bierge is full of life. It is alive with the simple and friendly people who have lived in the valley all their lives, and others who have settled there in search of a future far from the city. And, of course, it is brimming with quality tourist services that will be delighted to welcome you and make you feel at home.

Want to wander the villages of the Rodellar Valley?

  • Bierge 6
  • Cheto
  • Las Almunias de Rodellar 1
  • Morrano 3
  • Nasarre 1
  • Otín 3
  • Pedruel 7
  • Rodellar 7
  • Yaso 1