Technical information

 Type of route: return hiking route 

 Departure point: Bierge waterfall

 KM: 9,2

 Duration: 3 h

Gradient: 470 m

 MIDE: 2-2-2-2


Points of interest

Natural springs and potholes, conglomerate rock formations "Huevo de Morrano".

Route description 

This popular trail to the delightful springs of Tamara and El Puntillo, is perfectly marked out and well signposted, allowing a worry free ramble for walkers of all levels.
The start of the path is located at the entrance to the car park, and after just a few metres you will notice the first of the many signposts. After skirting the top of the car park and heading towards an orchard of almond trees, you will get your first view of the waters of the River Alcanadre pouring over the Bierge Waterfall
Continue along the same path until you arrive at a notice board marking the start of the trail to the waterfalls. There are stunning views of the River Alcanadre canyon along the whole of this route. The river waters have patiently excavated this canyon from the sandstone and conglomerate rocks of the mountain range over a period of millions of years. The landscape here is dominated by the peaks of Huevo de Morrano and Cabeza de Guara.
The pleasant path winds through Mediterranean woods of holm oak and Aleppo pines, and crosses a number of small gullies. Upon reaching the Ceguero Ravine (marker 23) it is worthwhile making a small detour; take the secondary path down into the ravine to admire the El Puntillo spring.
Returning to the main trail, a gentle walk of around 25 minutes will bring you to the Tamara Springs. In this beautiful spot there is a large clear pool, perfect for taking a dip on hot summer days. Whilst there, a climb to the top of the rocks is highly recommended. From this lofty position you can look north towards the spectacular stretches of the canyon known as ‘Los Fornazos,’ which were formed when limestone rocks were slowly dissolved by the cold waters of the River Alcanadre. 
The simplest way to make the return journey is to follow the same path back. However for the more adventurous, it is possible to follow the river bed back to the El Puntillo spring in just 15 minutes. As this involves crossing the river in several spots you will certainly get your feet wet, however no swimming is necessary.

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 Ruta a las fuentes de la Tamara y el Puntillo