Technical information

 Type of route: circular hiking route

 Departure point: Rodellar

 KM: 3,8

 Duration: 2 h

Gradient: 240 m

 MIDE: 2-2-3-2


Points of interest

Traditional architecture, dry stone walls, Mediterranean woodland, the village of Cheto, Fonciachas spring, the Romanesque shrine of la Virgen del Castillo, views of the Mascún canyon.

Route description

After parking your car at the entrance to Rodellar, head towards the Honguera neighbourhood of the village.  To the right of the houses and next to a small ravine, there is a footpath leading to the hamlet of Cheto, which winds its way through a magnificent forest of holm oak and box wood.  A network of skilfully built, dry stone walls mark out both sides of the path and the perimeters of the ancient fields of crops.

In Cheto take the trail to the right, which is clearly marked by one of the many signs along the route.  The footpath continues between ancient stone walls, and interestingly the stones of this section are in a vertical position.  You may well wonder at the type of equipment used to achieve this unusual effect.

In order to reach the Romanesque chapel of the Virgen del Castillo (Virgin of the Castle), it is necessary to cross the Fornocal and the Virgin ravines  This particular part of the walk offers magnificent views over the final section of the Mascún canyon including the Mascún Spring, the Andrebot Gully and the dolphin-shaped hole in the rocks known as ‘Los Ventaneles.’  Once you have reached the bottom of the Virgin ravine, all that remains is to climb the opposite slope to reach your destination of the chapel of the Virgen del Castillo.

It is possible to return to Rodellar along a different route to avoid doubling back through Cheto.  After crossing back over the Virgin Ravine, follow the path until you arrive at a signpost which indicates the direction to Rodellar.  A little further on you will reach the main path which leads directly back to the village.  For those who wish to extend the route, a small detour can be added to reach the bottom of the Mascún canyon, allowing a visit to the Mascún Spring.   

Photo gallery

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Ruta Virgen del Castillo