The inhabitants of Bierge built this chapel in honour of St Peter (San Pedro de Verona) at the end of the 17th century. On 29th April they celebrate their main fiestas in his name and a procession is made to the chapel. Once mass has finished cakes and wine are shared among the congregation and later in the day the celebration also includes a meal on the outskirts of the village.

A common feature of many Somontano villages is the dedication of churches and chapels to saints with a protective role, such as San Roque or San Sebastian, defenders against the plague. Offerings, petitions, processions and prayers were offered up to their chosen saint with the aim of liberating the village from an epidemic or suffering.

The construction of the San Pedro chapel in Bierge, as well as the pilgrimages that are still celebrated on his feast day, are the direct result of a vow to the saint after asking for the village’s liberation from an epidemic.

The building stands approximately 800 metres from the village in a place surrounded by olive groves. It has a rectangular form with a polygonal east end and is covered with a barrel vault with lunette. The only decoration on the inside of the chapel is a simple moulded cornice whose line is broken with decorative cantilevers. 


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  • Bierge. San Pedro de Verona