Communication between the villages in the Rodellar Valley has been possible over the centuries due to an extensive network of paths bordered by dry stone walls, which stopped livestock from eating the crops.

To overcome obstacles such as a river, bridges were built where possible (such as the Cabras and Pedruel bridges) but sometimes stepping stones were enough. Huge stones placed in the water allowed people to cross without getting wet.

In addition to the placing of tree trunks across a channel, stepping stones are the oldest and simplest system used by man since pre-historic times. The ford of Pedruel can be crossed on foot thanks to these large stones.

The supply of materials between villages or the need to take cereal to the nearby flour mill required the use of pack animals due to the heavy loads. Donkeys and mules also passed across these stepping stones.

However, after heavy storms the traffic was often interrupted as the rocks were easily carried away by sudden surges in water. Time and time again, after each flood, locals and travellers alike would make a huge effort to replace the stones to recover the crossing.


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