The Rodellar Valley is an excellent place for nature observation (in general) and birdwatching (in particular), to such an extent that it is declared as a Special Protection Area for Birds.

The list of birds to be discovered in this location is endless: the bearded vulture, the griffon vulture, the Egyptian vulture, the red kite, the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon, the common kestrel, the Alpine swift, the crag martin, the wallcreeper, and so on. They are common along the riverside, in caves, and in rock vegetation.

You will find them flying over the Rodellar Valley or perched on the rock walls of the ravines where they nest.

Some spots for birdwatching are the Bierge bird observatory, Morrano’s accessible viewpoints, and the Balced river. In addition, the routes of  Crestas del BalcesPeña Falconera y Dolmen de Losa Mora are all available. 

Take a look upwards, grab your binoculars, and marvel at their flight while you enjoy the wonderful surroundings.

Then, beyond the landscapes, the flora, and the fauna, what if we also gaze at the stars? From the astronomical observatory in Las Almunias de Rodellar, and thanks such little light pollution in the valley, you can gaze out to the stars at any time of year.