Some veteran trees that grow in the Rodellar Valley are the San Lorenzo kermes oak in Rodellar, the Fuentidueñas gall oaks in Las Almunias de Rodellar, and the Paridera de Oliván gall oaks in Pedruel. They stand out for their size and age, and add to the list of the valley’s natural heritage.

The oak grove of Otín in El Real del Mascún route is also well worth a visit. There stand gigantic specimens that have lived throughout the entire history of this now uninhabited village. In autumn, they are a spectacle to behold.

In the area of Bierge, you can appreciate part of the local economy from the presence of vast fields of olive trees, many of them centuries old. In fact, there is an oil mill which has today been converted into a multipurpose space. The tradition of olive oil is still alive in the village, thanks to an oil mill that has been producing oils from the Sierra de Guara for three generations.

In spring, almond blossoms colour the landscape white and pink across the southern part of the valley, having done so for a very long time. This has also brought about the creation of a workshop dedicated to the transformation of the almond, which bears the Artesanía Alimentaria de Aragón quality label.