The Rodellar Valley offers a number of different trails, from multiple-leg hikes like El Camino Natural del Somontano and the Prepirenaica Trail for easier family routes to enjoy Sierra de Guara, ranging up to much more demanding paths for serious athletes to enjoy.

All paths will lead you to breathtaking spots, such as Tamaras springs and the Puntillo, the Balced crests, El Huevo de Morrano (also known as Peña Falconera), and Mascún canyon. You will also discover the valley’s traditional architecture with shrines such as La Virgen del Castillo and Trinidad, the bridge in Pedruel bridge, and you will even take a trip back in time in the unihinhabited villages of Cheto, Otín, and Nasarre.

All this in the best company; if you look to the sky you will see them: wallcreepers, Egyptian vultures, griffon vultures, red kites, and–of course–the majestic bearded vulture.