Technical information

Type of route: circular hiking route

Departure point: Morrano

KM: 6,7

Duration: 2 h

Gradient: 240 m 

MIDE: 1-2-2-2



Points of interest

Village of Morrano , birdwatching , rock formation El Huevo de Morrano.

Route description

This itinerary firstly runs through diverse surroundings, from olive andalmond trees to cultivated farmland, signs of human intervention, to later windthrough forestsof Scots pine (which are the most southern in the Natural Park and Alto Aragon) and finally through large rock faces where interesting species, typical of this environment, live. It is definitely an interesting walk that offers nature lovers a wide variety of possibilities, such as the observation of birds and animals of different species.

The walk,that crosses the village,starts in the town centreof Morrano, alongside the bus stop. Taking the street on the left you will find a path starting from a small square. The path runs parallel with some farmed fields before crossing a road, leadinginto the Pacos de Morrano and then arrives at a rocky outcrop named “El Huevo” (The Egg). The track winds around this impressive formation then returning towards the village. On the left of the path another track appears which leads us onto the Fuente de la Tamara route.  Continuing along the main track it again crosses the road before re-entering Morrano. Leading into the town the street leads to a pond where it will take you back to the starting point.

Photo gallery

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Ruta Pacos de Morrano