The Pre-Pyrenees charms everyone who visits it and on this route we will discover some of the secrets of the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees. This mountainous strip is not only the prelude to the emblematic peaks of the Pyrenees, but an area of ​​great scenic and cultural value in itself that should not have any envy of the Pyrenees, because the beauty of its landscapes combines a great historical, cultural and artistic heritage.

Here, history has left its mark on medieval towns, Romanesque churches, walls, towers… and nature has done the rest by leaving behind canyons, gorges, rivers, creating varied landscapes for those who seek something different. In its expanse, natural areas stand out, such as the River Vero Cultural Park or the Natural Park of the Mountains and Canyons of Guara, and a small inclusion in the UNESCO World Geopark of Sobrarbe-Pirineos, which consists of natural surroundings of great beauty and variety harbouring history and art in equal measure with examples such as the rock art of the River Vero, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Distance: 242 km

Estimated time without stops5 h 46 min 

Recommended stages: 

  • Rasal – Ligüerre de Cinca – Abizanda
  • Abizanda – Alquezar
  • Alquezar – Huesca


  • I will start in Rasal: Rasal - Bentué de Rasal - Arguís y Túnel de Manzanera - Belsué - Embalse de Santa María de Belsué - Lúsera - Nocito - Lasaosa - Laguarta - Las Bellostas - Sarsa de Surta - Paules de Sarsa - Olsón - Ligüerre de Cinca - Abizanda - Naval - Salas Altas y Salas Bajas - Pozán de Vero - Alquézar - Radiquero - Adahuesca - Bierge - Panzano - Ibieca - Huesca.
  • I will start in Huesca: Huesca - Ibieca - Panzano - Bierge - Adahuesca - Radiquero - Alquézar - Pozán de Vero - Salas Altas y Salas Bajas - Naval - Abizanda - Ligüerre de Cinca - Olsón - Paules de Sarsa - Sarsa de Surta - Las Bellostas - Laguarta - Lasaosa - Nocito - Lúsera - Embalse de Santa María de Belsué - Belsué - Arguís y Túnel de Manzanera - Bentué de Rasal - Rasal. 

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mapa ruta secretos del prepirineo