In its 30 years of existence, the Somontano Designation of Origin (D.O.), reflect the traditions of centuries of wine culture in the region but that also represent the strong values of modernity and differentiation.

Since the very beginnings of the D.O. (a designated area where wine growing activities are strictly controlled) the wines of Somontano have achieved excellent market positioning with both their brand and image. This is due to recognition of the quality of the brands by discerning consumers as well as the most prestigious wine guides in Spain. In the nineties the leading wineries directed growth and consolidation in the region, and were responsible for the widespread respect and success of Somontano wines. At the start of the 21st century the area saw the arrival of new, innovative wineries with modern technology and avant-garde design that guaranteed both excellent wine and unforgettable visits to their impressive facilities. This new growth generated an expansion of the markets and reinforced the image of the Somontano brand.

The Somontano D.O. has other factors that distinguish its wines from others in the sector. Its history; the soil and climate; the vineyards and their range of grape varieties; the quality controls applied by viticulturists, wineries and the D.O. council; the technical ability and dedication of staff in wine-related companies and the excellent positioning of the Somontano brand and its wineries. Finally, the effort made promoting and selling the wines at the appropriate price are fundamental factors that define and explain the rapid evolution of Somontano wines and the strength of their brand.

So strong are these factors that the best known market research companies in Spain agree that Somontano is currently one of the best recognised wine brands in the country. It is one of the smallest regions – with a total of 4,300 hectares of vineyards and 31 wineries – yet is the third most recognised D.O. in Spain and its name adds value and prestige to wines from all of its wineries.


Somontano Designation of Origin
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