It includes two impressive “mid-air” rappels, each more than 30 metres high. The canyon is dry during most of the year, but can be quite damp.  This canyon should only be tackled by those with good experience of abseiling techniques.

Birds of prey can be seen gracefully gliding over the canyon.

Technical information

Approach: 5 minutes. From the car park of Portiacha, a level area at the 18km mark on the road from Colungo to Arcusa. There are informative panels near the Mallata caves and a viewpoint overlooking the River Vero. Nearest village: Lecina

Descent: 1h 30 min - 2h:30 min    KM: 250m

Retorno: 45 minutes from the car park of Portiacha. As you finish the descent of the canyon head back upriver until you reach the Portiacha car park.  There is a footpath that leaves from the old mill, which heads towards the top of the slope and takes you to a bridge to cross the river.  Take the track on the left-hand bank of the Vero that runs parallel to the river and cross the Argatín canyon. (Don’t go up to the car par located at the beginning of the Vero canyon.)  Follow the path until it reaches the Portiacha car park. 

Escape routes: There is a steep path to the left as you finish the first rappel .

Car combination n/a

Difficulty level: High throughout the year.

Minimum equipment requirements:

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Anchoring sling
  • Ropes
  • Equipment for abseiling (figure-of-eight descender)
  • 2 ropes of at least 40m in length.
  • Additional protection material: Rope clamp (such as Shunt)

Points of interest 

  • Medieval villa of Lecina
  • San Martin chapel
  • Shelters of Mallata (Schematic art)
  • Shelter of Arpán (Levantine art) 
  • Caves with paintings in Gallinero and Lecina Superior (Schematic art) on the right hand side of the River Vero.

Photo gallery

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