Juniper, Juniperus oxycedrus J., chinebro

This species is only found in the Northern hemisphere. It is a shrub which in optimal growing conditions can transform in a tree 10 metres high.

Its sharp leaves go together in groups of three and show two white strips in their outer face. The flowers grow in autumn, but when they are 18 months old it is when they become mature. When birds eat them they contribute to seeds dissemination. Its wood is highly appreciated in places like the Scandinavian Peninsula, where it is prepared to make boxes for cheese and butter.

Curious remedies

Ancient people burnt the juniper’s berries because of their antiseptic power. It was thought that the fumes which it detaches purified the environment. Its fruits have been used for alleviate gout, rheumatism. They are diuretic and whet appetite.

Did you know?

Guinevere comes from French language genévrier (juniper). It is like this because its berries are used to scent this alcoholic drink since it appeared in the XVI century. 


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