Guara Somontano together with the Hoya de Huesca and Cinco Villas in the province of Zaragoza is Prepyr365 area. This consists of territories in the heart of the Pre Pyrenees that allow us to enjoy natural and patrimonial resources and explore natural surroundings such as the Sierra de Guara, the Reino de los Mallos or the Sierra de Santo Domingo.

Prepirenaica Trail is a 12 stages tour going through the great trails of Santo Domingo, Reino de los Mallos and Sierra de Guara ranges located on the Aragonese Southern Pyrenees.

Prepirenaica is a challenge that every hiker and trail runner must experience. We have designed the tour including the best spots of this wonderful and remote land including ancient trails, pre-historic hermitages, medieval and uninhabited villages, deep canyons and overwhelming natural areas. A series of trails that will for sure delight you.  

Of the 12 stages, 3 stages cover the most beautiful corners of the Sierra de Guara:

Enjoy the PrePyrenees 365 days a year!


  • Prepirenaica Trail 1
  • Prepirenaica Trail 2
  • Prepirenaica Trail 3
  • Prepirenaica Trail 4
  • Prepirenaica Trail 5
  • Prepirenaica Trail 6
  • Prepirenaica Trail 7