Olvena Canyon is located in Southern Pyrenees and was formed by Ésera river in the area between Graus and Barbastro. It is 8 km long and features numerous walls and needles of top quality limestone rock combined with some conglomerate zones. It includes more than 20 different climbing areas and there are many possibilities of opening new ones. N-123 road runs along the canyon giving easy access to almost all sectors. There is also a local road giving access to Olvena village located on top of the rocks.

Olvena is known for combining good sport climbing areas such as Garrapatillos Alto and Garrapatillos Bajo as well as Crestas de la Cruz with multi-pitch climbing routes such as Pared del Santo Cristo (where the popular Frixis stands out).

Technical information 

  • Rock type: limestone
  • Number of routes: 120
  • Grade: IV+/8
  • Length: Up to 200 m
  • Face: All
  • Season: All year round 


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Mapa 2Escalada Olvena