Technical information

Type of route: circular

Starting Point: Alquézar

KM: 4,2

Duration: 1 hora

Gradient: 190 m



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Route description

This short but intense route will allow the younger ones to introduce themselves in the exciting world of trail running while visiting some of the most picturesque spots around Alquézar.

The track begins climbing up, fi rst to the Baseta and then to Basacol and Chimiachas. The fi rst section of the climb is easier and follows a nice paved street. The second part is more rocky and it’s shared with a small water pipe that we must sidestep to protect our ankles. Once at the Payuala bridge, the trail continues climbing some steps until Basacol pools, higher point of the route. After passing by the pools, the trail descends by a rocky pedrestian path until San Lucas col. From there, another rocky but short trail leads to Alquézar village, where we will stroll a bit along the streets before reaching the starting point.

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