Peralta de Alcofea occupies the southern most edge of the region and is located on rolling hills overlooking the River Alcanadre. This area shows another side to Somontano; a semi-arid landscape with gentle rolling slopes covered with juniper and aromatic plants.

Traditionally, the local people worked the land, cultivating crops without the use of irrigation. However, in recent years the countryside has been transformed into vast expanses of irrigated land where crops such as maize and alfalfa are grown for forage.

The municipality also encompasses the villages of El Tormillo and Lagunarrota, and, in addition to having a unique and surprising landscape, this area also conserves interesting evidence of its medieval past.

The perfect way to discover the varied mosaic of landscapes presented by Somontano is to travel from Peralta de Alcofea in the south to the north of the region by following the old livestock track (Ruta de la Trashumancia.) The full route covers a total of 37km, signposted and accessible on foot or by mountain bike.

The origins of the village are lost in the beginning of time (the Iberian era) when life was concentrated around the settlements of Peralta la Vieja and Puimeler, both close to the River Alcanadre. These ancient villages have revealed the Romanesque remains of a huge dam and the buttresses of a bridge.

The name reflects different cultures; “petra alta” is Latin for high rock while “alcofea” is thought to be Arabic in origin dating back to the Moorish occupation.

The village’s past is legendary; it is said that El Cid camped here with his troops around the year 1099 when, having been exiled from Castilla, he entered the service of the King of Zaragoza to do battle with his disloyal brother, the King of Lerida.

A stroll through the streets reveals magnificent houses such as Casa Polo and Casa del Abogado, the legacy of ancient noble families.

Hares, partridges, genets, foxes, badgers, martens and wild boar find all they need for survival in the mountains around Peralta. However the real highlight of the area is the rich ornithology as this environment boasts varied birdlife including the Little Bustard, the Black-bellied Sandgrouse, the European Roller, the Montagu's Harrier, the Egyptian Vulture and the majestic Golden Eagle.


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