The River Vero Cultural Park was created in 2001 in recognition of the valuable wealth of treasure it contains, including a varied collection of pre-historic rock paintings that are perfectly integrated into a natural environment of great beauty. The park enjoys a privileged location between the outer peaks of the Pyrenean Mountains (Guara) and the Pyrenean foothills of Somontano, which guarantee dramatic landscapes and a quality environment.

In the higher reaches of the park, between Lecina and Alquézar, the river has sculpted rugged walls, rocky cliffs and spectacular gorges colonised by unique plants and inhabited by an infinite range of birds of prey. Further south the river opens up into a wide valley where the villages of Huerta, Pozán and Castillazuelo occupy the gentle riverbanks alongside vegetable plots and vineyards; essential Mediterranean. 
Following the course of the river there is a scattering of evidence of communities that once occupied the riverbanks; pre-historic cave art; dolmens; Romanesque chapels, Gothic churches and Baroque temples; remains of medieval castles and old fortifications and small, rural villages. A legacy of shared history, traditions, myths and legends.

Through a Network of museums and visitor centres, guide visits, events and activities, the River Vero Cultural Park offers infinite possibilities for those seeking leisure, culture, new discoveries, sport and above all, contact with nature.

Discover the Mysteries of Prehistory through workshops, events, entertainment, recreations, audiovisual aids...


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