Tejo, tacho (Taxus baccata).

Set against the spectacular backdrop of the Balced canyon and the peaks of Guara mountains, stands a striking yet relatively unknown tree. The base of the trunk measures 3.5 metres in circumference and the first of its 5 main branches starts at a height of 1.25 metres from the ground. Its stocky aspect is the tree’s way of avoiding direct sunlight. The conifer is in good condition although some branches have been removed and there is an old axe mark on its trunk. There once stood another conifer nearby, which was felled halfway through the 20th century. Its wood was used in a butcher’s shop in a local village.

Location: From Alquézar take the path towards the village of San Pelegrin and continue along the footpath to the Mesón of Sevil. Follow the track in a northerly direction for approximately 1,000 metres before taking a path to the left towards the Tozal d’Acreu. Once there, go down the slope until reaching the north-facing side of a large limestone rock, which shelters and provides shade to this solitary tree.


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