Technical Information

Type of route: circular

Departure point: Ermita de San Fabián. Castillazuelo

KM: 14,6

Duration: 3 h 25 min

Gradient: 230 m 



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Points of interest

Hermitages of San Fabián, San Marcario, del Plano and de la Candelera. 

Route description

Between the Sierra de Salinas and the course of the river Vero there is a large plain completely covered by fields of vineyards and cereal crops. There are many hermitages in this area and thanks to this route we will be able to visit a good number of them.

Starting from the cemetery of Castillazuelo, where the hermitage of San Fabián is located, the route follows a comfortable track, sometimes even asphalted, across the plain between Pozán de Vero and Salas Altas, passing by the hermitages of San Macario and El Plano. In Salas Altas we climb up to the hermitage of Candelera, the highest point of theroute, and then descend, first to Salas Bajas and then to Castillazuelo.

Photo gallery

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