This small village is within the municipal boundaries of El Grado and sits on a fluvial terrace on the right bank of the River Cinca. It has a clear defensive character as, in addition to being able to watch over the valley from its lofty location, the village was once walled. The remains of one of the arches that gave access to the medieval enclosure can still be seen.

The old village is clustered around the main square of San Valero, the hub of the centre. Here, two houses, known as "Casa Agustín" and "Casa Guardia," stand out for their beautiful arched doorways.

Tradition says that Saint Valero lived in exile in the village as an old man. He is now the patron saint of Enate and a street and parish church are named in his honour.

The church has a single nave and was built in the 18th century from modest materials (brick and rammed earth) giving it a friendly and welcoming air. There is a covered passageway attached to the west end of the church that features a semi circular arch with a coat of arms on the keystone. This leads to the tower, which has three sections topped by a spire.


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