This building follows the constructive model that was popular in the cities of Aragon in the 16th century. It has been tastefully restored to create a welcoming space where the importance of this locality as a historical crossroad is explained. From Roman times to the present era, several cultures have enriched the history of Castejón del Puente, which is revealed in attractions such as the Roman road, the medieval way of Saint James, the remains of the bridge over the Cinca River and the railroad. In the environs of the town there is a signposted road to the Sanctuary of La Bella (Romanesque origin) and to a number of restored trenches from the Spanish Civil War.


Centro de las Vías de Comunicación "La Malena"
C/ Del Concejo s/n. 22310 Castejón del Puente
Teléfono: 974 404 466 - 974 40 48 10 - 619 425 146


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  • Castejon. Centro de interpretacion