The original 18th century Torreciudad shrine is located close to the splendid new temple as is an 11th century tower that first gave name to the Marian destination, the ancient Turris civitatis.

The waters of the Cinca meander between abrupt, rocky landscapes into the  calm reservoir, providing El Grado with rich fishing.
Beside it, amid incredibly beautiful scenery and reflected in the bright blue water of the reservoir, is the Sanctuary of Torreciudad, at the centre of the Marian Route joining the temples of El Pilar in Zaragoza and Lourdes, in France.
Torreciudad was a spiritual centre of the first order from its beginnings in 1084, and still is today, as thousands of pilgrims from all over the world arrive there year after year.
It was promoted by St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, founder of the Opus Dei.
Heliodoro Dols designed a monumental church, with a remarkable altarpiece in alabaster, the work of Juan Mayné, the Chapel del Santísimo and the Crypt, with chapels of the Sagrada Familia, and the Virgins of El Pilar, Guadalupe and Loreto.
From the sanctuary, perched above the blue of the reservoir, you can see some magnificent views of the Pyrenees, while at the same time following José Alzuet’s Way of the Cross.


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