Passing through this old house-museum visitors are immersed in the recent past of the people of Somontano. In the past, a house was a basic unit of production within a rural society whose main objective was self-sufficiency.
Although the main occupations were agriculture and livestock, the lifestyle and economy obliged people to carry out several activities: families made and baked bread, killed pigs for fresh and cured meat, spun wool and flax, made wine and milled oils for oil. In eight different rooms, this museum shows how life was in Somontano by means of a range of objects used daily and also includes an oil mill made in the rock.


Museo Casa Fabián
C/ Baja, 16. 22145 Alquézar
Teléfono: 974 318 913 - 622 081 609


Visit the Museum

  •          Duration: 20min aprox.
  •          Departures: Every day if booked
  •          Opening hours: 11 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 19:00. (novembre to april 11 to 13:30)
  •          Languages: Spanish
  •          Precio: 1.5 €/person. Groups de 10-35 people, 1€/person. More than 35 people, 35€/group
  •          Tickets: Museum. Calle Baja s/n. Alquézar


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