The old part of the town is compact and colourful, and boasts an array of charming traditional houses with walls of brick, stone and clay.

Occuping the highest point of the town is the collegiate church of Santa María la Mayor. Abiego has a public fountain which features a washing and drinking trough built between the 16th and 17th centuries, which is still in use today. 

Following the road out of Abiego towards Peraltilla, Ulrik Rükriem’s 20th Century Monument appears in a meadow close to the road around 8km from town.

Arriving into Abiego on the road from Bierge, an interesting collection of fossilized footprints of extinct animals can be seen. The animals passed by this point 25 million years ago, and the prints they left in the mud of the banks of a pool became fossilized with the passage of time.

On top of the hill known as the "Tozal de las Forcas" the Convent of St Joaquín is soon to be converted into a welcoming guesthouse.


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