A medieval bridge leads to the Visitor Centre where visitors can find out about the attractions of the Cultural Park by following the course of the River Vero. Discover historical uses for water, the natural spaces surrounding it, the presence of humans and the difficulties in adapting and transforming the river for their benefit. There is an impressive audio-visual display, a permanent exhibition that recreates different eco-systems along the river and a variety of models and panels. An interesting trip through the life, nature and culture of the land reveals the immense value of water and man’s ingenuity in harnessing it.

The Centre is the starting point of three routes that cross the most attractive places of this area between countryside and river: “Camino ras Vals”, “Camino de Poyet” and “Camino de ra Guardia”.


Centro de Interpretacion del río Vero
C/ Ro Plano s/n. 22313 Castillazuelo
Teléfono: 974 302 531 y 974 308 350
Visitas concertadas y actividades didácticas, previa reserva en 974 306006


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  • Centro del río Vero