Carrasca, Quercus ilex L. subsp. ballota. 
This holm oak reaches a height of 9 metres. At the base of the trunk its diameter is 1.37 metres and the circumference 4.4 metres. It divides into 5 main branches. Until around 20 years ago, people hunting thrushes with catapults would use it as den. They were responsible for placing a large stone at the base of the split in the tree trunk to force the main branches to point to the floor and so achieve a better hiding place. The tree is in excellent condition and grows on private land.

Location: This tree is reached by taking the A-2205 road, which runs from Adahuesca to Colungo. 3 kms before arriving in Colungo, there is a small unsigned path to the left. Follow this path and after crossing a small almond grove and walking for a further 250 metres, the tree stands in a spot know as Barranco Fornocal.


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