Standing between the Alcanadre and Isuala Rivers, Bierge is one of the gateways to the Sierra de Guara Mountains and Canyons National Park. The wealth of bird-life in the surrounding area makes it an Area of Special Protection for Birds (ZEPA in Spanish) and due to its endemic species and rock plants it is also an area with botanical interest. The varied woods hide a variety of mushrooms and the reserve has an eclectic choice of beauty spots (Mascún, Fajas de Balced, la Támara and el Puntillo, el Gorgonchón etc.).

This Centre provides key information for enjoying, understanding and appreciating this spectacular natural area. It is also the starting point for hiking with several signposted routes with different levels of difficulty: Fuentes de la Tamara and el Puntillo or Crestas de Balced.


Centro del Parque Natural de la Sierra de Guara
Ctra. Rodellar s/n. 22144 Bierge
Teléfono: 974 318 238 y 974 343 430


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