This is a simple and pleasurable descent and is ideal for keen walkers who want to learn the techniques of canyoning with supervision.  A great calcareous canyon, perfect for lovers of walking and hiking who fancy getting wet and are tackling canyoning for the first time.

The presence of such clear and, at times, fast flowing water affords this route many charms although the difficult approach means that it is seldom visited. 

Traditionally, this canyon was used frequently by local people as a place to hunt and to fish.

Technical information 

Approach: 1h:30 min. Leave the car in Rodellar and from here it’s a good 2 hour walk to reach the start of the canyon.  Go down to the river bed along a well marked path and once there walk upstream for about 15 minutes until reaching the Mascún spring. Cross the river and take the path to the left, signposted towards “Andrebot y Dolmen de la Losa Mora” (although you won’t actually get as far as the dolmen.) Upon arriving in fields (known as “Llanos del Seral”) at the end of the climb, take the path to the left. Nearest village: Rodellar

Descent: 2h - 2h:30min     KM: 2.400 m

Option 1: 30 minutes to the Pedruel bridge
Option 2: go upstream along the Mascún canyon as far as the Coda bridge. This way is much prettier and more satisfying than following a path back to Rodellar

Escape routes: Several on the slope on the left bank of the river.
Fajeta o Sirrio
Camino d’a Caxigareta
Cueva Rubiacha)

Car combination n/a

Difficulty level: low to medium except in periods of fast flowing water.

Minimum equipment requirements:

  • Full wetsuit and neoprene socks or canyoning shoes.
  • Helmet
  • 15m rescue rope
  • Waterproof canyoning backpack
  • Watertight barrel
  • Picnic 

Points of interest

  • Rodellar
  • Puente de Pedruel
  • Mascún

Photo Gallery

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