The fields of almond trees in full bloom are one of the visual spectacles of the Somontano in spring. Its fruit is used to make “garrapiñadas, guirlache or nougat”, as well as other sweets that are more specific to Somontano, such as “ the Biarritz cake” or” the Flores de Barbastro”.

Flour, egg, sugar and pumpkin are the main ingredients of pastillo. Also the sequillos, farinosos or dobladillos, stuffed with nuts or honey.

Some traditional recipes, like crespillos, are made at home, and are not found in the market.

The floral base of the honey elaborated in the Sierra de Guara is thyme, rosemary and holm oak, made by beekeepers with age-old techniques.

Somontano jam is made from a range of high-quality local products, in a process whose base are community flavours and aromas.

Bierge's artisan ice creams have successfully made a headway on Somontano gastronomy by incorporating innovative flavours with km 0 products.



  • February: Candelera Fair in Barbastro. 

SAVOUR a pumpkin "pastillo" with a white gewürztraminer.