Technical information

Type of route: circular

Departure point: Barbastro

KM: 103

Duration: 5,5 h

Gradient: 1.400 m 

Difficulty: +


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Barbastro - Colungo - Eripol - Abizanda - Naval - Barbastro

Route description

From Barbastro the track starts climbing towards the Sobrarbe region, following the course of the Vero River, passing through 5 of the 9 municipalities that make up the Cultural Park: Castillazuelo; Pozán de Vero; Santa María de Dulcis; Colungo and Bárcabo. The Vero Lookout “el Mirador del Vero” is an obligatory stop from where one can take in spectacular views over the Rio Vero Canyon and see Griffin, Bearded and Egyptian Vultures, the Golden Eagle and the Lammergeyer. Soon after, we arrive in Lecina and continue on towards Bárcabo, Almazorre, Eripol, Mondot and Lamata until arriving in the town of Abizanda, dominated by its defensive tower.
Heading back and after climbing over the mountain pass Alto del Pino (857m) we arrive in Naval, a village famous for traditional pottery and its salt production and baths. Hoz and Cregenzán are the last villages that we pass through before arriving once again in Barbastro.

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