Descending the Gorgas Negras canyon is a true adventure. This is one of the classic routes of canyoning and follows one of the main rivers in the Sierra de Guara; the Alcanadre. It is a demanding route, both in terms of physical endurance and technical requirements, and should only be attempted by experienced canyoners and professionals. It is a long and time-consuming descent, the majority of which requires contact with very cold water.

Adequate equipment and provisions are essential for this infamous descent to avoid the risk of hypothermia.  Physical exertion is required for a period of around 12 hours, meaning participants should think hard about their personal capabilities, strength and stamina before attempting this canyon.

The route offers a number of pleasant surprises; the abandoned village of Nasarre with its beautiful Romanesque church and the Losa Mora dolmen are just a couple.

During this fascinating and spectacular descent, it is necessary to carry out various rappels and a number of jumps as well as to overcome potholes, endless pools, numerous rock piles (caos) and narrow passages.  In addition, it is essential to take into consideration the constant danger from siphons.

The use of a professional guide is strongly recommended due of the risks associated with this descent.  An experienced guide is able to evaluate the water flow and has the benefit of knowing the canyon well with all its difficulties and flaws as well as its escape routes.


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Technical information

Approach: 3 hours. From Rodellar, descend to the river bed along the well signed path and once there, walk upriver for around 15 minutes to reach the Mascún spring.  Cross the river and take the steep path marked to the left, which is signposted as “Barranco de Andrebot (por la cueva) y Dolmen de Losa Mora.”  Continue on past the dolmen along the path towards Nasarre.  Skirt the village to the left and take the unused path that heads downwards.  Before reaching the water, a path leads off to the left, which goes to the canyon entrance. Nearest village: Rodellar

Descent: 5-6 hours    KM: 4,8km

Return: 2-3 hours. There are two options:

  • Option 1: The most common, which is to descend the Barrasil canyon and use the return path from there to arrive in Rodellar.
  • Option 2: Use the path that enters the Barrasil canyon as the exit from Gorgas Negras (see BarrasilCanyon)

Escape routes: Few, difficult and long.

  • Bozos de Lañas
  • Canal alta
  • Canal del Ordio.

Car combination n/a

Difficulty level: very high in any season of the year

Minimum equipment requirements:

  • Full wetsuit
  • Neoprene socks or canyoning shoes and neoprene gloves
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Double anchor lanyard
  • Ropes
  • Equipment for abseiling (figure-of-eight descender)
  • 2 ropes of at least 25m in length.
  • Waterproof canyoning backpack
  • Watertight barrel
  • Essential to take along drinking water despite the springs on route.
  • Plenty of high energy snacks and a plentiful picnic given the length of the route. 

Points of interest

  •          Spectacular views (Mascún, Nasarre, Losa Mora etc.)
  •          Observation of birds of prey
  •          The full range of karstic phenomena 

Photo gallery

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