There can be no doubt that the main attraction of this impressive mountain range is the multitude of canyons - over 70 in total. These natural features have provided Guara with a high reputation in European sporting circles, and the area has become a recognised reference point for the sport of canyoning. However, there is more to the area than canyons and ravines. The area of Bierge for example has many cultural attractions that await discovery, such as its fiestas, monuments, chapels, villages, tales and legends.

The Sierra and Canyons of Guara Natural Park is one of the most important habitats in the country for those species of fauna and flora that thrive in a rocky environment. Due to this fact, the park is a true paradise for nature lovers. A stroll along one of the many paths may result in a glimpse of the majestic flight of the lammergeyer or the royal eagle. A visit to Guara also provides an opportunity to see some of its endemic botanical species and to discover a multitude of unique spots.

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Guara is to head to the village of Bierge. Located between the pre-Pyrenean mountains and the extensive plains of Somontano, Bierge is worthy of a leisurely visit. Strolling in the direction of the parish church of Santiago, perched at the highest point of the village, you will notice many interesting examples of traditional architecture. Magnificent doorways and noble coats of arms adorn the buildings, hinting at the prosperous pasts of the families who once resided there.

Without a doubt, the most important architectural attraction of Bierge is the Chapel of San Fructuoso, which no visitor should miss.

Nature lovers should head towards the specially made hide, where it is possible to observe various species of birds, many of which come to eat at the “Feeding Zone for Birds of Prey.” Both the hide and the specially designed feeding area are the result of the hard work carried out by the Friends of the Vulture group and the Guara Park management.

Before leaving Bierge, you should also stop off at the Sierra and Canyons of Guara Natural Park Visitor Centre, where you will find a wealth of information regarding the most important natural and cultural features of the park.

Heading off from Bierge, there are two options that make up this route. The first of these takes you to the Salto de Bierge waterfall, via the A-1227, where you will find the start of the Tamara and Puntillo Springs Discovery Trail. This option also provides an opportunity to visit the interesting villages of San Román, Morrano and Yaso.

The second option takes you into the Sierra de Guara, by following the HU-341 minor road in the direction of the Valley of Rodellar. A well-signed footpath leads from the road to the shrine ofSan Martín de la Peonera, which is an ideal place to enjoy the wild beauty of the Guara. Take a moment or two to appreciate the isolation and mystery of this hidden beauty spot, and to imagine the history behind its tradition and legends.
Upon reaching the Rufas mountains, you will be rewarded with a splendid panoramic view of the Balcés canyon, one of the largest in Guara, and of the Sevil mountain range.
After passing through a dark and leafy forest of wild pine the first villages of the valley appear, being those of San Saturnino and Las Almunias de Rodellar. From the latter there is a gentle path known as the Camino de la Pedruel, which can be followed on foot or by bicycle. There are a number of informative panels along the way.
Continuing along the same road will bring you to the village of Rodellar, which gives its name to the valley. This beautiful mountain village takes great pride in its well-kept centre, perched above the deep and twisting Mascún gorge. Rodellar is the departure point for various thrilling descents into the nearby canyons, and for a number of gentler footpaths, such as the Route of the Virgen del Castillo. Another trail enters the Mascún canyon and heads towards the mysterious Losa Mora dolmen and the villages of Nasarre and Otín.

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