Technical information

 Type of route: lineal hiking

 Departure point: Pedruel bridge

 KM: 6

 Duration: 2 h

Gradient: 40 m

 MIDE: 1-2-2-2


Points of interest

Pedruel bridge, riverbank flora, the village of Pedruel, traditional architecture, the shrine of La Trinidad, ancient holm oaks, potholes in the Alcanadre river.

Route description

An attractive path leaves from the medieval Pedruel bridge and closely follows the course of the Alcanadre River. The route takes around an hour and is perfect for children. After leaving the bridge behind, the path gently winds past cultivated plots and lush, riverbank vegetation before arriving at the Trinidad chapel, which is surrounded by hundredyear old holm oak trees.

Nearby, the gentle backwaters of the river have created attractive pools that are ideal for a quick dip.

Photo gallery

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