Technical information

 Type of route: return hiking route

 Departure point: Alquézar

 KM: 12,2 

 Duration: 5 h

Gradient: 650

 MIDE: 2-2-2-3



Points of interest

Vantage point at Las Clusas (views of the sierras and the Vero canyon), the pools at Basacol, the caves at Quizans, the small cave in Chimiachas ravine.

Abrigos de Chimiachas y Quizáns

Route description

This walk starts and finishes in Alquézar.  It is a route perfectly suited to hiking and passes through the ravines and peaks of the eastern area of the Guara Natural Park.  Following the directions it is possible to enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the Cultural Park of the River Vero and to visit some of the most important prehistoric cave paintings within it.  The importance of these paintings has resulted to the area being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The start of the path can be found just by the municipal swimming pools of Alquézar, where an information board shows details of the route.  A little way along this path, you will come across the first of several cylindrical constructions of the walk.  They are recreations of the typical huts once used by the shepherds of the Guara.

As you follow the path north along the route of an irrigation channel, a sweeping panorama of Alquézar will appear.  You will come across a signpost that indicates the direction of the Balsas de Basacol (Pools of Basacol). This route will take you across a number of footbridges and over a small stone bridge spanning the Payuela ravine, before eventually bringing you to the pools.  On warm days, this inviting water is a wonderful place to take a dip before continuing the climb towards the Quizans rock shelters. 

During the next section of the walk, you will be rewarded by superb views of the section of the canyon known as Las Clusas del Vero.  The footpath then enters a thicket of juniper, boxwood, rosemary, lavender, kermes oak and evergreen oak before arriving at Quizans.  A visit to the fascinating prehistoric rock paintings of Quizans can be made either on the way up to Chimiachas or on the return journey, as the route follows the same path.

Following the signs you will arrive at the Tozal de ros Tiestos, a peak boasting magnificent views of the mighty Pyrenean mountains of the Monte Perdido and Ordesa National Park. You will then arrive at the head of the Chimiachas ravine where another cylindrical shepherd’s hut similar to the first can be found.  Here, take the path heading down to the bed of the ravine, which leads to a small cave with a painting of a solitary and majestic deer.  Chimiachas is a place full of magic and mystery set in the very heart of the Guara mountain range, and this work of art from the Levant period is one of the best examples to be found in the area.  The majestic flight of the griffon vultures and choughs add to the potent atmosphere.

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