Technical information

 Type of route: return hiking route

 Departure point: A-2205. Mirador del Vero

 KM: 2.2

 Duration: 50 min

Gradient: 140 m

 MIDE: 2-1-2-1


Points of interest

- Limestone formations, magnificent views of the Pyrenees and, above all, the Vero canyon, cave paintings

- Abrigos de Mallata

Route description

The Tozal de Mallata can be reached from the viewpoint over the River Vero by taking the sign-posted route that crosses the Portiacha ravine. It takes approximately 20 minutes to get there, and a further hour and a half is needed to visit the cave with the help of a specialist guide. The paintings in these caves (part of a World Heritage Site) are the work of arable and livestock farmers in the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age.

The higher caves that are more difficult to reach reveal human and animal figures, symbols and enigmatic geometrical shapes. Along the route, there are magnificent views over the Pyrenees and into the depths of the Vero Canyon.

Photo gallery

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Ruta al Tozal de Mallata