Technical information

 Type of route: circular hiking route

 Departure pointAlquézar

 KM: 2,2

 Duration: 1 h 30 min

Gradient: 160 m

 MIDE: 2-2-3-2

Notices, Incidents and rental of helmets: 


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Points of interest

River Vero canyon, historical remains, Fuentebaños bridge and birds of prey.

Route description

This pleasant and gentle route takes the visitor into the final stretch of the River Vero canyon, where the harmony between rock and water can be fully appreciated.  In this beautiful environment it is possible to gain an insight into the huge efforts man has made over the years to harness the power of the river water.  The spectacular footbridges are safe and easy to cross and allow access to this unique natural corner of Alquézar. 

The walk starts in the Plaza Mayor in the centre of Alquézar.  Take the street that heads towards the collegiate castle and at the first turn-off to the left, go down a stone ramp.  Here, you will see the first sign indicating the “Pasarelas de Vero.”  (Footbridges of Vero.)

You will soon come across the first of the wooden bridges, slotted between the Castibián crag to the left, and the walls of the castle on the right.  A total of seven stretches of footbridge make up the descent to the River Vero.  As you venture deeper, the splendour of the Barranco de la Fuente (Canyon of the Spring) in revealed, characterized by its many small caves and a vegetation adapted to the damp and fresh conditions of the gorges. 

Arriving at the riverbed of the Vero, it is worth visiting the cave of Picamartillo, which is situated on the left-hand bank and directly opposite the mouth of the canyon.

The footpath follows the river downstream by means of a spectacular metal gangway attached to the rock of the wall.  You will soon come across an old dam, and after following another stretch of metal walkway, will reach the ancient hydroelectric mill of Alquézar.  Here, a pool of deep turquoise water is irresistible in warmer weather; a perfect spot for a rest and a dip.

From this point, the path leaves the river behind and snakes between olive groves until it meets with the track heading back towards Alquézar.  An alternative is to return directly to the village following the path that leads to the o’Bicon viewpoint.

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 Ruta de las Pasarelas. Alquézar