Surrounded by the crevasses of the Mascún canyon, the village of Rodellar emerges from the rocky setting, and is simply one of the most stunning spots of the Sierra de Guara.

Rodellar is one of those magical places that leave the visitor with a sense of having seen something special and unique. It is split into two neighbourhoods – one belonging to the church and of the other to Honguera - both of which display fine examples of traditional architecture, characteristic of this area of Somontano.

Against a backdrop of cliffs and oak trees, the voluminous parish church of San Lorenzo emerges. The 17th century builders took advantage of a previous Roman building as a base for its construction.

In the same vicinity lies the chapel of the Virgen del Castillo (Virgin of the Castle), which rises out of the cliffs of the Mascún canyon. Also worth visiting are the medieval bridge of "Las Cabras" and the uninhabited hamlet of Cheto.

Rodellar is a main attraction for lovers of outdoor sporting activities, with climbing and hunting both being popular there. There are designated game reserves for hunting (boar, partridge, thrush, etc.) and fishing zones where the method of “catch and release” is followed. There are rock-climbing areas of importance attracting climbers from across Europe. The Rodellar School of climbing is based here, as is the “Vía Ferrata” of the Virgen del Castillo, which is an equipped aerial route that allows non-climbers to experience the thrill of the vertical walls of Rodellar. It goes without saying that the views are spectacular.


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