This village is located close to the Clamor Canyon on the road to Barbastro and sits on a small hill at an altitude of 341 metres.

The most outstanding building is the church of San Miguel, which was constructed between the 12th and 18th centuries. The stone markings and the barrel vault that crown its only nave, are testimony to the medieval origin of the church. It later went through a great transformation at the turn of the 17th century with the construction of various chapels and an adjoining tower, which was endowed with turrets to 'fight off' heavy storms. During the 18th century it also received a new chapel decorated with rich plasterwork, and the vestibule and the exterior facade were also reformed.

On a rocky outcrop, known as Piedra de la Magdalena, medieval remains can be discovered. The clues to the origin of these remains indicate that a religious-military collection of medieval buildings once stood there. These are; a well, two flights of stairs carved from the rock, an open stone passageway and the foundations of a construction.

The village’s fiestas are celebrated in honour of Santa María Magdalena on the 22nd of July.


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