Morilla belongs to the municipal council of Ilche. It sits on a plateau between Ilche and Monesma to the south of Somontano at an altitude of 350 metres.

This is a small village whose houses are made from the traditional materials of the area; brick and packed earth. (Packed earth, or tapial in Spanish, was obtained by compressing a damp mixture of earth that has suitable proportions of sand, gravel and clay).

The 17th century San Andres parish church was constructed in Baroque style from packed earth and large stone ashlars. Its single nave is covered with a barrel vault with lunettes. The bell tower, made entirely from brick, is unusual in that it stands apart from the tower.

The remains of the old castle that stood here between the 12th and 16th centuries can be seen on top of a small hill. It was known as the Gramapán or Morilla castle

It celebrate its festivals for San Andrés, November the 30th.


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