Springs, wells, irrigation infrastructures and old bridges are all elements of a heritage that brings character and identity to the Somontano territory. All related to the use of water and the water cycle, each one of these small structures plays its role modestly and has made its own individual ethnographic contribution; yet each gains added value when perceived as part of a group of similar structures. The region is home to many constructions that together make up a coherent collection and give personality to the rural landscape while harmoniously blending in with the environment.

In years gone by, bridges, drinking troughs and washing areas fell out of use. Bridges were no longer crossed and underground springs became less important and were soon forgotten. Many of these structures have since been restored to their original state to be enjoyed as part of the natural and cultural heritage of Somontano. With their recovery, memories of water pitchers, public springs and communal washing areas have been reclaimed, reminding us of life in the not too distant past.