This tree is surrounded by small stands of holm oaks, cultivated fields and sprawling vineyards. The perimeter of the base of its trunk measures 5.25 metres and its three huge branches start at a height of 1.8 metres from the floor. The dome-shaped form of the tree is almost perfect and standing under the huge braches is both impressive and welcoming. The tree is in excellent condition.

Location: 2km from Adahuesca on the A-1229 road towards Huesca, take a path to the left, which is just a few metres beyond a curve in the road. Keep following signs for “Leyendas al Paso” and approximately 2.7km after leaving the main road, you will find the tree, just after passing in front of livestock corral. It is also possible to reach the tree from Adahuesca via the Romanesque chapel of Trevino.


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