Technical information

 Type of route: circular hiking route.

 Departure point: El Grado, the Chuaquín Mill

 KM: 6,6

 Duration: 2 h

Gradient: 75 m

 MIDE: 1-2-1-2


Points of interest

Unique trees, heritage of the hydraulic Cinca Canalsand bird watching.

Route description 

This trail, of easy-moderate difficulty, starts at the old flour mill (Molino de Chuaquín), which today has been renovated and transformed into a multiusespace :exhibition room, area dedicated to puppet shows, another for Parchis (Ludo)and the machine room for the old mill.

Throughout the walk you will pass around the impressive Cinca Canal and its aqueducts, discover 7 unique species of tree as well as some of the birds of the area. The Mediterranean forest with its flora and fauna leads down to the crystal clear water of the Cinca River. If you are lucky maybe you might see some birds of prey in acrobatic flight such as the Red Kite.

Photo gallery

  • El Grado. Platanero 2
  • El Grado. Platanero 3
  • El Grado. Platanero


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