Technical information

 Type of route: circular hiking and mountain bike route.

 Departure point: Azlor, Main square

 KM: 8,3 

 Duration: 2,5 h 

Gradient: 175 m

MIDE: 1-2-2-2


Points of interest

”Swamp of the Moors , cisterns, Labanera fontain and Farnagüelo Tour.

Route description

The path heads towards the north and runs parallel to the Fondota canyon. (known as the Clamor canyon from Azlor onwards) It reveals many natural attractions and highlights how man has traditionally made use of his surroundings in Somontano.

The first part of the route takes in an impressive olive tree and an old strawberry tree. Further on it arrives at the Pantano de los Moros (the Moorish Reservoir) which is still used to irrigate the surrounding area. It can be seen how water was ingeniously gathered in a number of small wells to make the most of rainwater and to store water from the surrounding springs. Later on the path joins with the route known as “Journey of Legends” and with the “Cabañera” route, which follows the ancient livestock trail.

On the left, the 16th century Labanera spring and the place once used for washing clothes known locally as the “Moorish laundry.” From here it is possible to return to Azlor or to follow the path on to the Torre de Farnagüelo. 

As this route combines two distinct itineraries, it can be used for a shorter or longer walk through the outskirts of the village depending on the requirements of the visitor.

Photo gallery

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  • Ruta Senderos de Azlor