Technical information

Type of route: circular hiking and mountain bike route.

Departure point: El Grado, the Chuaquín Mill

 KM: 2,2

 Duration: 40 min

Gradient: 30 m 

 MIDE: 1-1-1-1


Points of interest

A wooden hut allows walkers to observe animals at peace in their environment as well as fauna associated with woods and river banks.

Route description 

The River Cinca is an important fluvial conduit and in this middle section, between the pre-Pyrenees and the Ebro Valley, it acts as a biological corridor for a multitude of species. The predominant vegetation is typical of riverside locations and includes reed beds and riparian groves of willow and poplar. These are up to 1km wide along some stretches of the river and represent some of the best conserved riverside thickets on the Iberian Peninsula. On the riverbanks the fauna includes the wild cat, genet, otter and ocellated lizard and the river is home to barbell and trout.

Photo gallery

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  • Ruta la Vida en el Carrizo


Ruta Vida en el Carrizo