Technical information

 Type of route:  circular hiking and mountain bike route

 Departure point: Adahuesca, Legends and Traditions Visitor Centre.

 KM: 11,2 

 Duration: 3 h

Gradient: 145 m

 MIDE: 1-2-2-2


Points of interest

The church of San Pedro, the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Treviño (late Romanesque), Mediterranean crops, livestock pens and trails, ancient holm oaks, springs, washhouses and well-springs, Crucelós, traditional architecture.

Route description

The ‘Journey of Legends’ route starts and finishes in the village of Adahuesca.  It forms a gentle circuit allowing the visitor to enjoy mountainous landscapes and patchwork fields of typical Mediterranean crops such as vines, olives almonds and cereals.  The path is also suitable for mountain bikes.

The route is dotted with structures of historic and cultural significance, all set against the magnificent backdrop of the mountains of Somontano. The Trevino chapel, the Courtyard of Crowns, the local parish church and the spring well are just  a few examples. In addition to the tangible attractions, the route also reveals the strong links the Somontano people have with the past, through their fiestas, rites, legends, traditions, identities and ethnological elements such as the site of Crucelós.

Through a series of 11 informative panels along the route, the visitor can discover the magical secrets hidden in these legendary paths.

As you will discover, part of the route follows the Somontano section of the Broto to Mequinenza cabañera – an important track used over centuries for the migratory movement of livestock.  This particular section crosses the Somontano from north to south, linking Peralta de Alcofea with the Mesón de Sevil.

This informative and enjoyable route can be enjoyed throughout the year, and is particularly dramatic in spring and autumn.

Photo gallery

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