Technical information

Type of route: circular hiking route.

 Departure pointTorres de Alcanadre, Hermitage of San Bartolomé.

 KM: 3,6 

 Duration: 2 h

Gradient:  150 m

MIDE: 1-3-2-2


Points of interest

Geomorphology and relief of the land;prairie landscapes and riverside forests.

Route description

Spring of 2005, the naturalist, David Gómez Samitier passed away. This area to the south of Somontano is known as “pre-Monegros” due to its proximity to the desert-like Los Monegros region. The flat landscape that surrounds the village holds many surprises; distinctive areas of sandstone, vertical cliffs and ledges and scatterings of stone monoliths.The distinctive sandstone and loam shapes reveal an unusual relieve of terraced sand-like formations and stone towers as well as other extraordinary geological shapes such as the “Fairies’ Chimney,” saucepan-like craters and honeycombed walls.
However, this route is also a journey into a peaceful corner of the region between forests of thicket and the river, and between plateaus and cultivated plains. Birds that visit this area include the griffon vulture, the buzzard, red kites, cormorant, coots, crag martins and bee-eaters.

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