Technical information

Type of route: circular hiking and mountain bike route.

Departure point: Salas Bajas

 KM: 5,7 

 Duration: 1h 30 min

Gradient: 100 m

MIDE: 1-2-2-2


Points of interest

Vineyards , groves of oaks , ancient olive groves .

Route description

This route, of a little more than 6kms takes us from the outskirts of Salas Bajas to a magical place in the Ariño Canyon called el Estaño ros Palomos. Access can also be gained by the old path to Hoz de Barbastro“el antiguo camino a Hoz de Barbastro”or by the  Montesa path.

Along the short walk you will be well rewarded when you arrive at the cascade, which feeds an enormous swimming hole.Next to it, is the opening of a huge cave that was given the name of this place because wood pigeons used to make their nests here.  But this is not the only charming part, as throughout the trip you will encounter vineyards, small holm oak forests,small rock dwellings and century old olive trees.

Whatever path you choose you will have to walk short parts alongside the road. Please remember that as a pedestrian you must walk on the right left side and cross the road with caution.

If you like hiking around Salas Bajas, take the Ermitas Route which is 21 kilometres long, linking the towns of Buera, Salas Altas, Pozán de Vero and Castillazuelo. Needing not even half a day and through a simple itinerary, suitable for everyone, one can discover five different chapels laden with history.

Photo gallery

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